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The mousesports Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team has won the ESG Tour event in Mykonos last weekend. On their way to the championship, they’ve defeated the likes of Heroic, Gambit, Virtus.pro and Team Liquid.


It all started with yet another emotional rollercoaster ride. Facing the #1 ranked team SK Gaming on Inferno was one to bite in the first round. But mousesports accepted the challenge, eventually established a promising 15:9 victory, only to swallow a bitter overtime defeat (15:19) to the Brazilians.


Their championship run started from the Lower Bracket of Group A, with a 2:0 victory over Heroic Esport on Train (16:07) and Nuke (16:08). In the Consolation Final, mousesports had their shot of revenge against Gambit, the team delivered a crushing defeat to mousesports just one week ago in at DreamHack Masters Malmö in Sweden. In a hard-fought best-of-three series, mousesports prevailed 2:0 on Cobblestone (16:14) and Train (16:14) over the reigning Major Champion to advance.


In the semifinals, mousesports faced the likes of Virtus.pro - both teams unite an old rivalry. The first map was played on Cache, and after a 9:6 halftime lead, Virtus.pro managed to claim a narrow 16:14 victory over mousesports to take the lead in the BO3 series. Mousesports struck back on Overpass, winning 16:06, shutting out VP on their CT side to tie the game and force it to a third and final map, which should be Train. Just like against Gambit, a strong T side by mousesports brought them a 16:14 victory and their first Grand Final appearance with the new lineup.


A thrilling game against Team Liquid that would go the entire distance over the course of five maps in total. Right from the start, mousesports showed that they’re one of the strongest team at the event on Cobblestone, taking a 16:08 victory over the North Americans, who came back on the second map, winning 16:05 on Inferno. Both teams traded maps once more with mousesports winning Train (16:09) and Liquid taking Mirage (16:13) before the Grand Final culminated on the fifth and final map Nuke, which mousesports won in a dominant fashion with 16:04 to crown themselves as the champions of Mykonos.


One of the most dominant individual performances in recent history has been showcased by none other than Czech superstar Tomas „oskar“ Stastny. The main AWP player of mousesports finished Mykonos with an impressive 1.33 rating throughout the entire event. He also won the most clutch rounds for his team (13 in total), to give mousesports the edge in close games. His last map in the Grand Final against Team Liquid stands as one of the best single map performances of all time, with a rating of 2.38 on Nuke, doubling his average value of 1.16 from recent weeks.


While oskar was a force to reckon with from the very beginning, Miikka „suNny“ Kemppi underlined his strong first impressions in the lineup, as a close runner-up to his teammate in the MVP category. Ever since the young Finnish player joined mousesports, suNny was able to shine with important round wins, intelligent plays and beastly performances. Mykonos was no difference, as he took over duties, especially in crucial situations. Ever when the teams needed some kind of ignition, suNny was there to light the sparks with great individual play to give his team some momentum to cross the finish line or overpower an opponent.


Same goes for Robin „ropz“ Kool, Martin „STYKO“ Styk and Chris „chrisJ“ de Jong, who all lifted some heavy weight on their shoulders throughout the tournament, when the other players couldn’t.


Final Standings

  1. mousesports - €100,000 EUR + Qualified for next ESG Tour event
  2. Team Liquid - €40,000 EUR + Qualified for next ESG Tour event
  3. SK Gaming - €20,000 EUR + Qualified for next ESG Tour event
  4. Virtus.pro - €20,000 EUR
  5. Gambit Esports & BIG - €5,000 EUR
  6. Heroic Esport & Team EnVyUs - €5,000 EUR

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