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The mousesports CS:GO team is finally back home, after a series of events and tournaments all over the globe. Join us, as we take a look back at the happenings from ESL Pro League Finals to the PGL Kraków Major.


ESL Pro League Finals

The Finals of the fifth ESL Pro League season took place in Verizon Theatre in Dallas, Texas. From May 30 to June 4, the 16 best CS:GO teams from Europe and America battled for a total prize money of $750,000 USD in the lone star state. As the 3rd ranked team in Europe, mousesports kicked off the tournament with their 1st round matchup against North, which they’ve lost 17:19 in overtime on Nuke. Fortunately, the team recovered quickly, resulting in a 19:15 overtime victory over Natus Vincere in the second round to close day one.

On day two, mousesports managed to claim three victories out of three games, as they’ve defeated OpTic Gaming (16:12 on Cobblestone), Team Liquid (16:12 on Inferno) and NRG eSports (16:10 on Mirage) to finish group B on second place, just behind the Danes of North. In the quarterfinals, mousesports took a 0:2 beating from SK Gaming, as the couldn’t manage to get a grip on the game, losing both Mirage (07:16) and Cache (08:16) to the Brazilians, finishing the ESL Pro League Season 5 on 5th place, taking home $45,000 USD.

The second professional gaming tournament of shooting star Robin „ropz“ Kool was a promising showing by the 17-year-old Estonian player. After quite a nervous performance at DreamHack Tours just three weeks earlier, ropz showcased not only great game sense during the ESL Pro League Finals, but most importantly a rock-solid overall conduct. In the end, Kool was mousesports’ highest rated player in the tournament with AWPing star Tomas „oskar“ Stastny.


DreamHack Summer 2017

The DreamHack Summer in Jönköping, Sweden, was dominated by Brazilian duels for mousesports once more. In their opening match, the team had to suffer a tough defeat to Immortals, losing Cobblestone with 06:16. In their second match, the team managed to claim a 2:0 victory over the Danish team Singularity, winning 16:14 on Nuke, as well as 16:13 on Mirage.

In the deciding last group stage game, mousesports got their second elimination encounter with SK Gaming, after the ESL Pro League Finals in Dallas - and just like in the Lone Star state, mousesports had to suffer another 0:2 defeat to the Brazilians and later champions (14:16 on Inferno & 09:16 on Mirage), to finish DreamHack Summer 2017 on 5th place, taking home $3,000 USD prize money.


PGL Kraków Major Main Qualifier

Just one week after DreamHack Summer, 16 of the world’s best CS:GO team went to Bucharest, Romania, to determine the eight Challenger teams for the upcoming $1,000,000 USD Kraków Major in the PGL Studios.

Led by rookie Robin „ropz“ Kool, who was the highest rated player in the entire tournament, mousesports went on to claim the first spot in the 2017 PGL Kraków Major, by winning all three of their games. A strong start against Tengri (16:01 on Inferno) was followed by two great showings against Godsent (16:11 on Train) and PENTA Sports (16:14 on Cobblestone) to qualify for the sixth consecutive Major.


170726 ESLOne Cologne lowel


ESL One Cologne 2017

From a first place finish at the PGL Kraków Major Qualifier, mousesports travelled right back to the team's headquarters in Cologne, Germany to prepare for their upcoming tournaments - ESL One Cologne 2017 and the Kraków Major.

ESL's premier CS:GO event on German soil, is an important event each year for mousesports - and 2017 was no difference. Heading into their playoff mission, the team around Chris "chrisJ" de Jong couldn't ask for a better start, as they've netted two victories in their first two games against Fnatic (16:11 on Train) and FaZe Clan (16:12 on Nuke). Positive to make the playoffs this time, as the team needed only one more victory out of their potentially three remaining games, mousesports missed their first chance in a 10:16 defeat to NiP on Cache.

With two more chances at a playoff spot left on the fourth and final day of the Swiss system stage, mousesports were looking primed to take one of the remaining top 8 spots in Cologne. However, in their first match of the day, Natus Vincere managed to shut out mouz almost entirely, resulting in a landslide 16:04 victory for the CIS team on Mirage. After a great start, mousesports found themselves in a fifth and final match against Cloud9, with the winner advancing to the playoffs. A thrilling game that saw no team claiming a victory in regular time was sent to the second overtime on Inferno, in which one team finally managed to claim the last playoff spot - unfortunately it was Cloud9, sending the mousesports team home with a 9th place finish at ESL One Cologne.


2017 Kraków Major

The 2017 PGL Kraków Major was the second $1,000,000 USD CS:GO major event in 2017 and after Atlanta, mousesports were looking to make an impact in their sixth consecutive major appearance since 2015. After several weeks on the road and away from friends & family, the Kraków Major was the last event before the summer break for the CS:GO team.

Mousesports and Gambit were the two teams chosen to open the Kraków Major on July 16th - on the one hand a team that has participated in a premier CS:GO event accross the globe almost every week recently with a team that barely played any official event matches at all in the past weeks.

A total of 26 rounds later, Gambit Gaming prevailed and netted a 16:10 victory on Inferno - their first one of many to come on their championship run in Kraków. On day two, mousesports and FaZe Clan - two teams that have lost their opening matches - have already been under pressure. The battle between former mousesports player Nikola "NiKo" Kovac and the current mouz CS:GO lineup went all the way into overtime on Train - with mouz coming out superior, winning 19:15 to claim their first win in Kraków.

Unfortunately, it was their only one in the former capitol city of Poland. Following an overtime defeat to North (15:19 on Cobblestone), was a heart-breaking 11:16 loss to Cloud9. Just like in Cologne a week prior to the Major, mousesports would lose another elimination match against the North American team, to finish the 2017 Kraków Major on 12th place, taking home $8,750 USD prize money.


Now, the mousesports CS:GO team is on their 2 1/2 week long summer break. They will return to practice in mid August, attending gamescom and the DreamHack Masters Malmö tournament in Sweden afterwards.

Summary of CS:GO matches

ESL Pro League S5 Finals 17:19 (L) vs. North Nuke
ESL Pro League S5 Finals 19:15 (W) vs. Natus Vincere Cobblestone
ESL Pro League S5 Finals 16:12 (W) vs. OpTic Gaming Cobblestone
ESL Pro League S5 Finals 16:12 (W) vs. Team Liquid Inferno
ESL Pro League S5 Finals 16:10 (W) vs. NRG eSports Mirage
DreamHack Summer 2017 06:16 (L) vs. Immortals Cobblestone
DreamHack Summer 2017 16:14 (W) vs. Singularity Nuke
DreamHack Summer 2017 16:13 (W) vs. Singularity Mirage
DreamHack Summer 2017 14:16 (L) vs. SK Gaming Inferno
DreamHack Summer 2017 09:16 (L) vs. SK Gaming Mirage
PGL Kraków Major Qualifier 16:01 (W) vs. Tengri Inferno
PGL Kraków Major Qualifier 16:11 (W) vs. GODSENT Train
PGL Kraków Major Qualifier 16:14 (W) vs. PENTA Sports Cobblestone
ESL One Cologne 2017 16:11 (W) vs. Fnatic Train
ESL One Cologne 2017 16:12 (W) vs. FaZe Clan Nuke
ESL One Cologne 2017 10:16 (L) vs. NiP Cache
ESL One Cologne 2017 04:16 (L) vs. Natus Vincere Mirage
ESL One Cologne 2017 20:22 (L) vs. Cloud9 Inferno
Kraków Major 2017 10:16 (L) vs. Gambit Inferno
Kraków Major 2017 19:15 (W) vs. FaZe Clan Train
Kraków Major 2017 15:19 (L) vs. North Cobblestone
Kraków Major 2017 11:16 (L) vs. Cloud9 Train

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